why me?

I am driven by results and fun at work. When it comes to management duties, I want to complete tasks, so that you can mark them as done. When it comes to people, I want to support them in making an impact and having fun.

Everybody, including managers, deserves to work in an environment where conflicts are treated as a means to get better and stronger.



0 years
Pharmaceutical Industry
0 years
Rare Disease Market
0 years
Leadership Experience
0 years
Managment Functions
> 0
Product Launches


Master’s degree in Microbiology
Certification in Marketing
Certification in Conflict Management and Mediation
Certified Mediator listed at the Ministry of Justice in Austria
Diplom in Systemic Coaching

Positions in the healthcare industry

Business Unit Director
Business Unit Manager
Commercial Director
Sales & Marketing Manager
Sales Manager

Experience in specialties

Internal Medicine: 15 years
Rheumatology: 10 years
Cardiology: 10 years
Pulmonology: 10 years
Dermatology: 7 years
Neurology: 6 years
Urology: 4 years
Gastroenterology: 4 years
Aesthetic: 2 years
Nephrology: 1 year
General Medicine: 7 years
Insurance and Providers: 10 years


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